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Hello dear my name is odili emeke i have just decided to start helping people with some tips on how to get the best cures to some sicknesses that people think are incurable, from the best sources i have found from the net and tried and found that their directions where effective. This is one those reliable sources i found on how to get 100% cure for diabetes so read and act as guided thanks

L.K. TATE .B.A.,L.L.B.,I.R.S.
Asst Collector of Customs (Retd.) 20th Road,Khar (West), Mumbai - 400 052, INDIA
MY EXPERIENCE: "OJAMIN" is Ayurvedic Medicine in liquid form and contains Harda, Behada,
Awala (Amla) etc.
Allopathic Doctors are misleading the public by saying that there is no cure for diabetes, but by "OJAMIN" which is formulated by me, I have cured hundred of patients. It is the most effective medicine by which a patient is completely cured, forever and the ailment literally vanishes and thereafter he can consume any amount of food and sweets as he Pleases. In fact, "OJAMIN" is legend not only of this century, but also of this Millennium. At the age of 44, I myself had diabetes and I got completely cured by "OJAMIN" within one year and due to this Legend I never had to undergo any sugar test and at the age of 93 I enjoy lot of sweets like 8 Jilebees, 6 Gulabjams at one time. . Drink (16.66 m.l.) of "OJAMIN" before breakfast and repeat it before bedtime at night for one year. If the patient is taking allopathic treatment, he may simultaneously continue the same along with "OJAMIN" which has no after effects. However the Allopathic treatment should be gradually reduced by half tablet per month or 5 units of insulin per month. Allopathic treatment does not cure diabetes and the patient has to continue it till death. Besides, in course of time kidney, heart. Lever and delicate organs are damaged. It is very expensive and costly to the poor. If kidney fails, the cost of is Indian Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000 each time and in case of transplant of kidney, the cost is Indian Rs.3 Lakhs to Rs 4 Lakhs. A heart dialysis costs Indian Rs.1 Lakh or more. On the other hand "OJAMIN" has very quick effect in a short period of 12 months and consequently damage to human limbs is avoided. "OJAMIN” costs Rs. 325/- ( U.S.$ 8.00 ) per bottle of 1000 ml. which lasts approximately for one month. (Or US $ 96.00 per box of 12 unbreakable P.E.T.Bottles ) This cost is nothing compared to the huge cost of incurable allopathic treatment.
1) No rice 2) No Liquor 3) No tobacco & its products 4) No Sugar 5) No Potatoes 6) No fruits except Jambul and Awala and one Apple per day is must, provided there is no constipation. No non-veg, No deep fried, oily or salty things.
* Have brisk walk daily for 2 to 3 Kilometres * Do Yoga and Meditation daily. * Eat one boiled "KARELAII daily. * Have one Teaspoon of "AWALA POWDER" in one cup cold milk daily.
1) Psoraisis 2) Lever problrms 3) Constipation 4) Arthiritis 5) Synus 6) Asthama 7) Paralysis
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